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Every business face the challenge of limited resources and this can significantly affect the high standard set up by the organization. Added to this, is the task of making a swift decision when it comes to hiring new employees, which can pose a security risk to the business.

Fortunately, running a background check on each applicant is a way to efficiently find out issues around potential employees that can harm your business.

According to news sources, about a third of all submitted application forms has false information about employees. 

About 3 out 10 new and existing businesses fail due to thefts traced to employees, studies show.

Lawsuits related to negligence in hiring have an average settlement fee of about $1 million.

News articles report one-third of all application forms contain outright lies

Studies show 3 out of 10 business failures are caused by employee theft

The average negligent hiring lawsuit settlement is nearly $1 million

Welcome to a Smarter Approach
to Background Checks

No matter the size of your business – large, medium or small – Cramer Security offers you a thorough and smart background check which in turn gives you more room to attend to the pressing tasks of making quality decisions for your organization and growing a risk-free business.

We hand over the running of your business into your hands as we give you the innovation and technology to control your business according to the expected standard. With the best background screening any organization can find, we offer an effective solution for smarter and faster decisions.

Best Background
Check Service

If you need to run a criminal background check, we recommend, a site with modern features and current information. We gather relevant data from various external sources and store them for future accessibility.

Nationwide Court

We provide countless records from courthouses at the county, state, municipal and federal levels. Information at your request is tax liens, current and past criminal cases, other court cases and much more.

Criminal Records
& Arrest Records

We have a section with a large number of records on criminal and arrests activities. The list includes felony arrests, mug shots, criminal records, convictions, speeding tickets, sexual offenses, DUI/DWI, misdemeanor charges, active and outstanding warrants and so many more.

Instant Deep
Web Search

We add value to our services as our branded algorithm can search for secret social media accounts, current websites, forum posts, blogs, current and earlier images or videos and any other information requested from deep web.

Current & Previous
Contact Details

The services we offer also covers details on phone numbers, email addresses, active and inactive social media profiles, current and previous home addresses and several other services.

Information Records

Get set to have access to current and past occupation records, current and previous relatives and associates, past marriage and divorce records, date of birth, nicknames and aliases, etc.

Results You Can Trust

With Cramer Security wide background check program, we have over 100 screening services covering 200 countries and regions. Our track record gives you the confidence that we deliver according to your requirements.

Quality and efficiency are our driving force added with the support from the best team any company can find. Your business is in the right hands when you make Cramer Security and Investigations your background screening company. We strive to provide quick and easy solutions to your requirements and save you the extra stress to concentrate on confidently handling the decision-making processes of your business.

It is no wonder about 40,000 organizations have made Cramer Security their trusted and professional background screening company.

See why approximately 40,000 organizations trust
Cramer Security & Investigations as their background screening provider

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