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Why Drug Test?

Substance abuse – which includes drugs and alcohol – takes a heavy toll on businesses, costing billions of dollars in lost productivity and increased healthcare spending each year.

Drug testing programs aim to filter out drug users and deter drug use in the workplace. Since companies first began drug testing their employees in the 1980s, drug use among workers subject to testing has steadily declined. Employers are aware of the negative impacts of workplace substance abuse including higher absenteeism, increased risk of injury and lower productivity and performance. Therefore, if the overall goal is to establish a safer, more productive and drug-free work environment, there are many benefits3 that employers receive from drug testing.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Administration Data of Employees Who Use Drugs

2.5 times more likely to be absent for 8 or more days each year

3.6 times more likely to be involved in an accident at work

5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim

Welcome to a Smarter Approach to Drug Testing

No matter the size of your business – large, medium or small – Cramer Security offers you a thorough and smart employee drug test which in turn gives you more room to attend to the pressing tasks of making quality decisions for your organization and growing a risk-free business.

We hand over the running of your business into your hands as we give you the innovation and technology to control your business according to the expected standard. With the best drug screening any organization can find, we offer an effective solution for smarter and faster decisions.

Improve Employee

Increase employee morale and productivity by decreasing the stresses of absenteeism

Reduce on-the job

OSHA tests have found that 10-20 percent of work related fatalities test positive for drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse endangers co-workers, employers, and those who have a relationship with your company.

Workplace Crime

Drug-using habits are expensive and employees may need to supplement their income with workplace theft.

Save Your
Business Money

Lower workers’ compensation insurance and healthcare costs, including premiums. Post-accident testing, is performed after an employee has been involved in a workplace accident. Testing is used to determine whether drugs were a factor in the incident. 

Reduce Employee

Drug use is associated with employee turnover, especially an increased risk of termination and resignation.

Comply with State and
Federal Regulations

 By using a random selection process, employers ensure that there is no bias and that all employees have an equal chance of being selected, even those who have been drug tested recently.

Results You Can Trust

With Cramer Security drug testing program, we have over 100 screening services covering 200 countries and regions. Our track record gives you the confidence that we deliver according to your requirements.

Quality and efficiency are our driving force added with the support from the best team any company can find. Your business is in the right hands when you make Cramer Security and Investigations your drug screening company. We strive to provide quick and easy solutions to your requirements and save you the extra stress to concentrate on confidently handling the decision-making processes of your business.

It is no wonder about 40,000 organizations have made Cramer Security their trusted and professional drug screening company.

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